Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I'm glad to see Romney win one. I have to admit that Huckabee was good in his concession speech. 8 years ago the Bush coronation yielded no real opposition. McCain was just becoming known and every other candidate was a single issue guy with no real chance. This year we have 5 guys that would be good in a debate, although by my count only 3 that wouldn't annoy me half the time.

It's like a broken record hearing these guys talk about how they are going to reform Washington. If 12 years of a Republican Congress couldn't do it, how are one of these guys going to do it with a Democrat Congress? I would be honest as a candidate and say that America works best with a divided government and with the Democrats in charge of Congress, a Republican President is a must. Otherwise all of the excess spending of the Bush years will look tame compared to the spending the Democrats are promising.

UPDATE: Dick Morris is on TV saying that John Edwards can't win and he's fracturing the party. He thinks that Obama should call Edwards and offer him the VP slot before the Florida Primary. He thinks that would make them sweep the ticket.

Morris is always interesting but he is a master of the moment. He takes whatever happens on any given day and extrapolates into the entire future. If Obama gets the nomination he is going to have to get a strong foreign policy Veep, much like Bush took Cheney. I think Hillary has already figured this out and plans to select General Wesley Clark. Now Clark might be too mobbed up with the Clintons for Obama's selection, but General Sanchez is trying to regain his reputation as a failure in Iraq by criticizing Bush. If Sanchez gets enough attention the Democrats could use him to boost Obama and get an Hispanic V.P to boot. I haven't read anyone else say this but I think it makes sense.

Kerry lost in 2004 because the world is a dangerous place and Kerry tried to slogan his way to the white house using the word strength and saluting at the convention. He kept calling himself a soldier when no Navy man would ever do so. The media ignored his detractors and let him define himself anyway he wanted, but the public didn't buy it. The Democrats can be winning on every other issue but will still lose the election if the world seems like a dangerous place. I don't think a typical boiler plate liberal V.P. would bring anything to the Democrat ticket. An actual soldier or someone else with real defense credentials would make up the gap. Edwards is yesterday's news. Obama needs a tough guy.

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