Thursday, January 24, 2008


The Writer’s Strike

I think the WGA made a mistake dealing with Letterman separately. Jay Leno was in no way going to stay off the air with Letterman on, union or no. I saw Colbert, and Kimmel tonight and I don’t think any of these shows really miss the writers. In fact, for Colbert a loss of writers means the most annoying segments are gone. Rush Limbaugh does 3 hours a day with no writers and a small research staff. How did it become the norm for these shows to have 10 scribes?

Al Michaels

I keep thinking about what Dennis Miller said on his radio show last summer. Miller said that Al Michaels doesn’t eat vegetables, in fact, Al’s wife hasn’t seen him eat a single vegetable in the 35 years she has known him. That’s a large amount of food not to eat. I guess tomatoes and avocados are fruit so that helps a little, but maybe he won’t eat those either. No Peta campaigns for Al.

Dem VP

Maybe I blogged this earlier. I’m too lazy to check. I think the Democrat nominee has to pick a strong national security running mate. It’s the only thing lacking in their resumes. This is what Bush did when he picked Dick Chenney. I think Hilary has already chosen Wesley Clark in her head. Obama needs a tough guy more than she does. An interesting darkhorse is that General that bungled Iraq, Richard Sanchez. He can blame the whole thing on Bush like every other Democrat. E’s recent theory that McCain could land there does make sense. He’s never showed loyalty before so why now?

Heath Ledger

With Lohan, Spears etc. in and out of rehab, Ledger takes us by surprise. No tabloid told us that this guy was drug dependent. So much is made of the young Hollywood lifestyle and how that leads to tragedy, but what if it’s the other way around. Maybe people who are emotionally or chemically unstable are lead into showbiz because they need to fill that emptiness with public adulation.

Like Dude I have seen 3 of his movies, but only one in common, A KNIGHT’S TALE. I enjoyed 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, a high school version of taming of the shrew. I also saw Mel Gibson’s PATRIOT which is entertaining enough despite the historical inaccuracies, length, and script problems.

What really got me was the photo of Heath with his 2 year old daughter clutching his leg. She held on tight like she was afraid to lose him. Ten other guys can play the Joker, but that little girl only has him. That thought may not have occurred to me a few weeks ago.

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E said...

You are probably right about Wesley Clark. He was standing right behind her during her last speech in Iowa. With McCain you get the war credentials and the independents, but you get a lot of other headaches in the mix. For example, it would emphasize that her whole game is purely political, which is true of almost any politician on that stage but is what people don't like about the Clintons.

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