Monday, January 07, 2008


I heard that Hillary teared up and had a human moment today. I just watched it. If that was her human moment, she is more robotic than anyone gives her credit for. As soon as she became aware of her moment of weakness, she was back on her talking points like a hound on a mailman, but trying to maintain the sympathetic weariness that had worked for that brief moment. Bill could have pulled it off. That must really frustrate her. And him.


Dude said...

I watched a good portion of the Dem debate the previous night. At one point, Edwards got a little intense about declaring that his agenda for change is deeply personal. He railed the point a few times and the audience and moderator seemed to know that it was an important moment.

The next day Hillary comes up with this bit of theatrics about how politics is so very personal for her and she even included the teary eyes which Edwards had omitted. She doesn't seem to realize that we are on to her modus operendi and perhaps her dip in the polls correlates with her perceived insincerity.

I love how her message is consistently about experience since Obama is the young upstart. When Bill was the upstart, the message was about change since they couldn't quite compete on the experience front - other than lifting AK from 50th to 49th in education. I so want the Clintons to go away that I am reveling in the diminished support. I just hope she doesn't wind up in somebody's cabinet.

Tom said...

She won the Senate seat in New York with a campaign strategy of never talking to anyone who might ask her a tough question. It's like taking a young hitting prospect and bringing him up through the minor leagues without exposing him to the toughest pitchers.

This campsign shows that she doesn't know how to run a campaign where she's anything but the frontrunner. It's like that rookie seeing his first major league curve ball.

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