Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I've been leaning Rudy for a quite a while, but this Fred Thompson video is persuasive. He sounds like Reagan. I think if I were voting in Iowa tomorrow I would cast my vote for him. A two man race between he and Rudy would be win win.

I don't know why anyone leaning toward that fool Huckabee would rather have him over Fred.

It's 15 minutes long but worth your time.

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E said...

I like Fred. He says what I want to hear, and he says it directly. But he squandered the momentum that was ready to be handed to him, and I don't see him spiking after his lackluster showing to date with all the cards in his favor.

Huckabee is a puff of smoke, gone in a few weeks. The media are propping him up to remind everyone that the GOP = holier-than-thou, self-righteous, hypocritical, religious right simpletons. We get it, now let's move on. The evangelicals needed someone to rally behind, and Huckabee, although not worthy of it, finally emerged as that guy, but his support is not broad enough to sustain him for long, even in the low-turnout primaries, once we get into the "real" states. The media need to create stories that generate conflict and interest, but we will be looking at Clinton vs. Mitt or Rudy by Groundhog Day.

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