Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The You Tube video made me like Thompson more than before he even entered the race and squandered what could have been momentum. He's too much of a long shot to pin any hopes on. I didn't see enough of the debate to know what annoyed you guys about him. I thought the ABC one was coming on later and I was watching Clemens on 60 Minutes and missed the beginning of the one on Fox News.

Guiliani gets my Florida vote, though I will switch to Romney if he's in any kind of fight with McCain or Huck for first place.

Romney is a decent guy. I'd hire him to run my company. He says the right things, maybe a little too polished, but Democrats couldn't rib him the way they do Bush.

Seeing McCain give his speech, I feel so bad for those arms that can't lift above his head. He even has good things to say once in a while, but he's so much into scoring points and making deals that he would frustrate me to no end as President.

The good thing about Huckabee is nominating him will convince the party never to nominate anyone like him ever again.

I don't understand the Democrats love affair with Hillary. Here they have Obama that actually converses with people and they would throw him over for another candidate that talks down to the electorate. Didn't they learn from Kerry and Gore? Policy wise there probably wouldn't be much difference and he can appeal to just the kinds of voters she will turn off.

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E said...

I like Fred. I heard him talking last night and he is very sober, discusses the issues candidly, is realistic about what can be accomplished and how long it takes, and doesn't overpromise. In a vacuum, he would be my choice, and we'll see where things are when my state's primary comes up. Likely I am with you, Rudy first, unless Mitt is fighting McCain or Huckabee, with McCain my last choice, behind Ron Paul and anybody else. McCain was approached by Kerry to be his running mate, for crying out loud.

The Clintons have lots of friends (used euphemistically not literally of course) who stand to benefit from their being elected. That is why the establishment wants Hillary - so that the establishment can benefit. Obama is new and won't benefit the establishment as much. When Hillary says she'll "hit the ground running," that's code for payback to all her establishment supporters. Is that really what America wants? I hope not. It will be interesting to hear how the black power types spin their support of Hillary over Obama. They know where their bread is buttered.

I heard last night that Bill Clinton's favorability rating is 83 percent among Democrats. 83 percent!! Isn't Hillary's campaign just a vehicle to give us more Bill, which is what 83% of Democrats really want?

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